Game Expansion Showcase: Eon Legacy’s “Essentials”
MORT AKA Super Galaxy Slayer’s Rendition of an Earth Elemental for the upcoming “Loaded” Edition for the Creature Catalog…

The Creature Catalog and The Armory

While the first release of Eon Legacy was the “Players Guide and Game Master’s Sourcebook” as a big amateurishly cobbled together “Steak” of a game the 2nd and 3rd installments provided a much needed source of “Gravy” for Storytellers and players looking to branch off into the just scratched surface of the Universe of Eon Legacy.

The Creature Catalog

Book of Encounters left us unimpressed at first glance but upon further inspection…

We’re supposed to be a publishing house of fine fiction but the “Creature Catalog” was released with a simple, almost scientific themed cover with the Game title on top, the Book title and subtitle beneath it and Author’s name beneath that. What we got was a trip into a very simple, yet lengthy, customization guide of standards and examples of things to “Populate the universe with” for just shy of $13 on amazon you could get the kindle version or the neater version with all the Tabular data on DriveThru RPG for the same price.

That being said it’s a “Must have” if you intend on actually “Hosting the game”. What we also found interesting is that while this is a “Purchase to use” expansion there was a FREE multi-page Expansion just sitting out in the open on the official website at the “Storyteller’s Corner” where you can get your digital fingers on the “FREE WORLD MAKER GUIDE COMPANION” which contains a small snippet of Custom Races that were greatly expanded upon in The Book of Encounters. The “Free Expansion Supplement” also comes with standards of World-Building that other franchises would usually charge you for but the “BoE” covers the inhabitants of those worlds you make to a T.

What was lacking was the general minutiae of defining descriptors. Weights and heights seemed to only matter when it came to larger “beasts and monsters” but it seemed like the mechanics from the primary source-book doesn’t really hinge much relevance on such statistics and streamlines the content for a more “Action and Adventure” focus over “How much does that fairy weigh”. As for the lack of art- we’ve been tracking our Author’s Facebook page and it seems there is absolutely new art coming for the next improvement release.

The Armory

Alright, we’ve got a generic Starscape with a general pattern. More effort than the “BoE” and not as much glam as the first book.

Do you like Super Sentai (Power Rangers) and Dragonball Z? How about all the High Octane Anime combat of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s? This was what we experienced from the get-go! The Expansion is a “Progression” from the Core Rulebook 4 years after the timeline ends. Factions grow, change, evolve while others stay the same.

A Cataclysm hits Earth but the champions were ready and stood their ground. The different galactic powers converged to assist against the “Big Bad” and were triumphant but now everyone has come to terms with the fact that while a Galactic Nation was on the rise there are powers outside that threaten the greater well-being of the inhabitants of the known universe.

That’s not all, the events that transpired on Earth has increased the incursions from other-worldly beings intent on bringing sentient life to their knees while Space Pirates, Rogue Vile Demon Star Fleets and independent Galactic Nations vie for control of territories across space.

It’s also alluded to that the Humans and the Drane are involved in traveling to alternative realities. While it’s not directly mentioned it would seem that the introduction alludes to all the mythical beings having left Earth when the age of magic ended only to come back when monsters from the world they had fled to chased them out. They even once mentioned “Psychic” or “Mental Damage” but the only character class that has abilities that effect characters minds are the Chaos Mages from the first book.

While this is the “3rd Official Expansion (4th if you count the free one)” the Classes provided add a much needed flavor to the Sci-Fantasy aspect of the game itself. While playing as the Ranger I felt rather light on their feet and like I would need other Rangers to actually do more damage in the Meta with Min/maxing but as the Power Fighter I was exactly that- an Anime Wrecking Ball. The addition of “Artifact Weapons Examples” was really fun when you consider the Enchanted Weapons you can purchase or obtain are hollow copies of the great “Weapons of Myth and Legend”. The Author himself was willing to leave us with a statement on the expansion:
It’s important to enjoy what you make and what you play. I had come up with this expansion years ago but there was nobody around to assist so I had to shoulder the weight all on my lonesome. The first book was released sometime almost 10 years ago. The Second was 5 years after that, this was finished almost 5 more after that one. I don’t want to do what other properties have done and just release “Revisions” and “Re-Envisions” of my work. I’ll probably keep improving the format and get more and more art to fit it but as it stands the only things we don’t have yet are the -redacted- and the -redacted-. Those will come when the -redacted- from -redacted- try to -redacted-. I’d say there is less time between this expansion and the next for sure. Then there are all the games I plan on finishing for The Dragonmoon’s Projects! I do have a Micro-Novella coming out specifically for The Dragonmoon as Lore for Eon Legacy so stay tuned!

That being said; “More art” would be really good to have!