The First Lorebook, The Tome of the Dragon Kings, for Eon Legacy goes public.

Eon Legacy author, R.A.G. Rankin, follows up the latest expansion with a Micro-Novella intending to provide a deeper look into the universe.

Eon Legacy’s “The Armory” expansion came out mid 2019. Fans of the work were very happy to get some much needed content and world building beyond the monsters and custom races provided in The Book of Encounters. However, this little book contains a wealth of lore and potential content for storytellers, players and light fiction readers alike.

While the expansion was a boon for players seeking new content there has been a long-standing request by the old storytellers for something a little more rustic. The Tome of the Dragon Kings is exactly that. It acts as an abridged compilation of the Star Dragon’s History and myths with a investigative narrative provided by one of the key archivist characters providing a fiction-within-fiction-and-fact third person retrospective.

In this book are a half dozen chapters covering the origin of the universe, the creation of the races, the rise and fall of pantheons, and the events that lead to the subsequent state of the Drane Star Kingdom in the modern age.

Even if you’re not a fan of playing or storytelling the RPG you’ll find some enjoyment from this fiction.

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