Eon Legacy’s Free Revision
Some art has been added, moved, corrected for headers and made more visible but that’s not all!

Eon Legacy- The Multiverse Role Playing Game has gone and published a free revision on all of their official digital platforms.

On Friday, the 15th of 2019 Eon Legacy Shadow-Uploaded a revision to every Official Platform of Digital Copy on the internet. In addition to that the Hard Copy of the game has gone on sale for the Holiday season and into the future from that point on. The Author had something to say about this sudden update and change:

Lots of modern games are using tabular data rather than the 2-3 columns that we used to use all the time in the 90s and early to mid 2000s. I looked at the pages and the general data and thought “Hey, with a little clarification and tweaking we can really modernize the game and streamline a lot of the “Flavor” text with a standard format that fits the newer releases. It’s only fair to release it for free to everyone that already owns a digital copy and replace the current Hard Copy Edition with the revision at a discounted price.

-R.A.G. Rankin on the update for Eon Legacy’s Core Sourcebook and Rulebook

We were able to get a look at some of the new content formatting and we agree it was far better than the spaced out “Block Column” style that the game was originally released with.

From the looks of it they shaved a dozen pages from the original work. Corrected a few narrative errors but still use “Feet” and “yards” as opposed to the newer content using the Metric System.

These formatting changes also came with a lowering of the general pricetag of $33.66 USD to $25.00 USD. This came just in time for those looking for something new for the holiday season and a new standard for the content. The Digital E-Books are still pretty easy to get into and have been a nice little purchasing point for folks looking to start role playing.

I think the easiest way to get in is the digital editions. The 2-in-1 “Storytellers and Players” book is only $9.99 dollars. I’ve had youths show up and ask me to sign their character sheets and thank me for providing an entry level experience for less than a burger at a fancy restaurant. I’ve made sure the base-price on the e-books are lower because I understand wanting to get into a game and having this high bar set on price points just to get in. I understand other companies have dozens if not hundreds of employees and the workforce to produce some amazing looking stuff but I’m just one man with a few very good artists whom I pay out of pocket.

-R.A.G. Rankin on keeping the price low.
Lulu has the Hard Copy ready to go. All you have to do is click on the Lulu icon to check it out!
The game, itself, remains unchanged but there have been some tweaks.

The Pros of the Revision:
-Awesome streamline format with class abilities which keeps the level compartmentalization tight and readable both on the book and e-readers or phones.
-Clarification on certain abilities and skills/spells allows for greater customization of action between player and NPCs.
-A few bits of vital Class-Lore have been updated.

The revision is also available on Drive Thru RPG. Just click the banner to check it out!

The Cons of the Revision:
-The tweaks got rid of a lot of “Spammy” mechanics.
-The Clarification on many of the spell/skill mechanics lengthened the time of in-game effective or application cooldown of specific in-combat and noncombat situations (such as longer casting times and ability “wind up” time).

THE HYPER RANGERS ARE REAL! While the “Lite Edition” of The Armory has been out for a little bit there is also some art showing up for the 3rd expansion too! We are getting some real Guyver/Kamen Rider vibes from this work released 3 weeks ago!

What does this all mean? More like what could it mean: Eon Legacy has expanded with the free World Crafter guide, the 2 general expansions and the Lorebook which was a big hit could only mean more content on the way. We’ve seen art for “The Creature Catalog” show up on the official Facebook page and it’s only a matter of time before all the boxes are checked.