New Collectible Trading Card Game Coming

New Collectible Trading Card Game in the works to be released for Free!

3 Years in the works. R.A.G. Rankin, author of Eon Legacy, has worked out the issues and prototype play-sessions. Testing was done on over a hundred players between the ages of 5 to 63. This work produced a tried and true game that you’ve played for free since many were children. Many iterations have existed out in the world and there are even national game-shows in Japan that cover it.

Have you guessed? Janken or Rock-Paper-Scissors has a new iteration. It’s coming in Card Format for everyone to enjoy. We will be the official host for this game. There will be a place to donate on the bottom of the page and we will have a few “Official Packs” and premade “Decks” for sale but we do not plan on gouging with limited supply. We’ll be producing Standards, Foils, holographics all at a standard price so all can get right into playing with their favorite art weather or not it’s “Official” or “Creator Custom”!

This will be the FIRST title released beneath our “Dragon’s Diadem” Brand.

The Rulebook will be free, the guidelines for producing your own cards also free, even reselling your art on them is free with no strings besides following the format so we can keep things complete uniform. The Rulebook will contain everything you need and be released on Amazon, Drive-thru-cards and any other platform we can get on.
Stay tuned and if you want to take part feel free to donate below! We’ll have the official packs for sale at our store page soon (ETA: November 20th, 2018)!

Brutal 3 Rulebook and Guidelines for Creator Cards:
-Direct Download- (Coming Soon)
-Amazon Kindle E-Book- (Coming Soon)
-Drive Thru Cards E-Book- (Coming Soon)